Love for sourdough runs in our blood from generations. In Polish cuisine bread plays an irreplaceable role and is a part of almost every meal. After moving to New Zealand we have missed our piece of sourdough and tried to fill this gap in so many ways.

Once decided to make our own bread, we thought it would be a relatively easy baking activity to secure ourselves a warm chunk of dough for Sunday breakfast. Soon it turned out that making a sourdough has nothing to do with baking… it is science.

After years of study, a number of attempts and learning most of lessons that sourdough can teach you, we believe we finally can speak bread.

At Pinenut Bakery we are committed to use only organic ingredients as it results in the most healthy and delicious dough. We do not compromise on quality, we do stick to every stage of the process and we never ever hurry our breads up. Each loaf is hand crafted and individually scored.

Traditional grain fermentation process helps us grow lactic acid (“good”) bacteria which along the “wild yeast”, naturally present in flour, makes our dough to rise. More importantly, this natural fermentation increases absorption of many vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and potassium which gives you yet another excuse to eat your sourdough bread without feeling guilty. 

Would you like your taste to give it a go?