Each loaf is hand crafted and individually scored. Shaped loaves rest in baskets made from organically grown bamboo until they are ready to jump into our deck ovens.

Naturally fermented

Our starter has its origins in early 2020 and is kept healthy and active by being regularly ‘fed’ with high quality organic whole rye flour. We allow for long fermentation to give friendly bacteria the time needed to eat through and activate wild yeast naturally residing in flour.

Good for your guts

Traditional grain fermentation process helps in growing lactic acid (“good”) bacteria which - along with the “wild yeast” naturally present in flour - make our dough to rise

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Natural long fermentation process increases absorption of many vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and potassium which give you yet another excuse to eat your sourdough bread without feeling guilty

Organic ingredients

We are committed to using only organic or sustainably grown, spray-free flours, preferably made in NZ, which rewards us with the most healthy and delicious dough

Preservative free

Our breads consist exclusively of three ingredients: water, flour and salt. No sugar. No artificial additives. No chemicals.